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Our patient tries out virtual reality programme for herself

Ten-year old Rosie was born with congenital heart disease. She had surgery soon after she was born to repair problems with her heart’s major vessels. She then had a further procedure at the age of nine to close a hole in the wall between her ventricles and repair a valve in her heart. She came […]

ECHO (Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation) Christmas Party

There was a very nice atmosphere. Visitors showed great interest in the research presented. An independent review of the event showed for instance that 88% of the interviewed participants described the scientific content as “good” or “great”, while 77% of them said they “learnt something new”.

Initial evaluation of the 3D Heart technology

Thirteen cardiologists and surgeons participated in this evaluation. The results of that experiments will be used to further inform the design and improve on the current prototype and report on performance. Some of these results will be presented at the IPCAI conference in June (paper in press).

Outstanding paper award for the 3D Heart team

The award was presented to Gavin Wheeler, Shuji Deng, Nicolas Toussaint, Kuberan Pushparajah, Julia Schnabel, John Simpson and Alberto Gomez. The 3D Heart team published a paper led by Gavin Wheeler: Wheeler, Gavin, Shujie Deng, Nicolas Toussaint, Kuberan Pushparajah, Julia A. Schnabel, John M. Simpson, and Alberto Gomez. “Virtual interaction and visualisation of 3D medical […]