Our patient tries out virtual reality programme for herself

Ten-year old Rosie was born with congenital heart disease. She had surgery soon after she was born to repair problems with her heart’s major vessels. She then had a further procedure at the age of nine to close a hole in the wall between her ventricles and repair a valve in her heart.

She came into St Thomas’ Hospital to try out the 3D technology now being trialled for use by surgeons before heart operations. This preparation using the technology could help to shorten operating times and reduce the need for multiple surgeries.

Rosie’s mum Gemma said the technology could help parents to understand their children’s condition too.

Gemma said: “You’re given so many different pieces of information when your child is diagnosed with a heart condition, but I really struggled to understand what the problems in Rosie’s heart meant for her. Being able to see her heart using this technology would have been a huge help for me to understand more about her complex heart structure.”